Characteristics of Likely Organization Leaders

Inspite of all the rhetoric about management bench strength, a sturdy pipeline and clean management succession numerous corporate corporations even now do not have a certain process in area for figuring out high likely workers and grooming them for management positions. In Small business POS “The Management Motor”, Noel Tichy correct in the introduction postulates, “The firms that acquire will be individuals that develop or sustain a regular target on developing leaders at all levels of the firm.”

Enunciated here are five qualities which would certainly assist somebody in building into a successful company leader. When we go over leaders we presently consider specified qualities for a presented – domain experience, diligence, getting industrious and an regular intelligence or ideally larger.


A potential company chief wants to have the mental bandwidth of currently being capable to appear beyond tomorrow at where his sector and organization can be in the global context. Apart from the vision he need to have the bandwidth to assimilate that image, self-assurance of having his team there and have the toughness to function toward it. This is a high quality which is usually ignored when determining a potential chief. I bear in mind in a seminar of CEOs, Professor Ram Charan was requested, “What is the one particular high quality you look for when consulting with a Fortune a hundred firm for their search for a company leader?” He replied “bandwidth”. I noticed the encounter of several attendees tumble due to the fact they were anticipating a much more profound reply!


Individuals demonstrate resilience when they are in a position to encounter challenging activities and increase earlier mentioned them with relieve. It is the potential of employing challenges for progress. Speedy, disruptive adjust is present-day normal. Corporations are in require of individuals with the potential to bounce again, cope, reset their training course of motion, and renew their attempts. Resilience is about tapping into your reservoirs of energy below adverse problems. I firmly imagine that this kind of men and women have at the the very least 2x likely. I undertake at least 1 arduous mountain trek every yr. I decide on 1 which seems difficult for me daily when I get to the fifty percent way mark and come to feel I can go no even more I just say to myself that I have 2x prospective and I can comprehensive the 2nd half if I set my thoughts to it and that is how I am able to comprehensive the day’s trek every time. Sportspersons constantly apply resilience education and stretch themselves much outside of their typical capacities.

Leadership EQ

Daniel Goleman suggests that the strong position of feelings in the office sets the very best leaders aside from the rest-not just in tangibles this kind of as greater enterprise outcomes, but also in the all-crucial intangibles, this sort of as larger morale, inspiration and determination. People with high management EQ also undertaking a consistent exhibit of trust, integrity and conscientiousness.

When Jim Collins in Good to Great talks about Stage 5 Management, he states – Leaders are a paradoxical mix of personal humility and expert will.


Large possible employees are deeply enthusiastic about their function and about attaining success. Steve Employment in one of his talks mentioned that folks who are productive have a great deal of passion for their function, enjoy it and have entertaining performing it and so they are capable to persevere via the difficult operate.

Jim Collins echoed the exact same views, composing, “Stage 5 leaders are fanatically driven, contaminated with an incurable want to generate outcomes.”

No question Andy Grove (CEO of Intel Corpn) famously said, “Only the paranoid survive” and wrote a ebook with the same title.

Promising business leaders are great collaborators, substantial on execution and quite concentrated on their objectives and obtaining achievement.


Another mark of higher-potentials, particularly critical in present day ambiance of turbulent modify, is the pursuit of constant learning and progress. They have openness to experience and grab the likelihood to get up difficult projects that stretch their capabilities due to the fact they are motivated by the prospect to increase their understanding. They have a quest for innovation, for seeking to alter the globe, for breaking the glass ceiling. For the duration of my rookie engineering many years when I was peddling a technology new to India, I repeatedly noticed this trait in CEOs who had been my buyers.

To combat leadership deficit and have a wholesome pipeline, Organizations want to distinguish executives who display a strong guarantee of the traits and set them on to the leadership development bandwagon as numerous of these traits are teachable and can be strengthened.