The Philosophy of Engineering Jobs

Philosophy in its own right is as broad a field of knowledge as engineering, and in some respects even shares similarities regardless of how unusual this pairing first appears. There are many definitions of philosophy. The proceeding definition that is perhaps most pertinent to this writing is that philosophy is the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct. How would such a definition apply to engineering jobs?

Are not most engineering jobs required to make rational investigations of truths and principles of being, knowledge and conduct in some form or to some extent? The suggestion could easily be made that engineering jobs have as one of their cardinal attributes rational investigations of certain truths and principles. However, this writing is not as concerned with linking and comparing these seemingly divergent disciplines as it is with the task of engineering jobs, that is, how modern civilization engineers jobs, how we go about creating and managing jobs, and especially jobs for engineers essay on engineering and technology.

The United States has one of the most modern civilizations in the world. The same can be said for career fields in the United States, for example, workers in the United States are far more advanced technically than many of their foreign counterparts. Consider career fields such as agriculture, aerospace, military, transportation, construction, computers, medicine, telecommunications, to name only a few. What do all these career fields have in common? The answer is quite simple. All these fields rely on engineering jobs.

Without the expertise of engineers, none of these career fields could exist to any significant degree. It is imperative that two conditions exist to maintain the high status of our country’s career fields. First, engineers must lead the way in research, development and application. Education is key. Everyone in the world knows that we are an educational nexus for higher learning. We are also an engineer nexus, as foreigners come to the United States by the thousands to attend engineering schools and obtain engineering jobs. However, there is another more pressing concern. How in an economy that has been sold out by corporations, can we ensure that there will remain plenty of engineering jobs?

There are a plethora of opinions about how the United States can create jobs. We can say that the task has become so complex that we now need to engineer jobs. The use of the term, engineer jobs, sounds artificial somehow though. It rings of New Deal politics, government intervention and work programs, socialism, redistribution of wealth, and many other related subjects. The aim here is not to explore political aspects of the current dilemma, but to think about practical solutions for how we can make the engineering of jobs efficient, inexpensive, uncomplicated, and worthwhile. The question is not about politics; it is about pragmatism. Americans are famous for their pragmatism, and that is what needs to be addressed.

Once the country has worked through the political and financial crisis plaguing the national economy, it then must figure out what is the best way to implement the most efficient method for job creation. The internet is by far the most efficient and practical means for facilitating this task. But more critical is the design of engineering jobs web sites that are designed to effect this great task ahead. Again we turn back to the one shining attribute that makes America great: pragmatism.

Engineers who are seeking jobs need a resource that is all inclusive, comprehensive and pragmatic in every sense. The new world dawning before us calls for interconnectedness. An engineer nexus of sorts needs to be created, wherein engineers are able to draw upon every resource available to find engineering jobs. Such an engineer nexus requires social connections, direct links to crucial engineer resources and a means to easily connect with businesses who are offering engineering jobs. The process must be comprehensive, meaning that no resource is left out. All relevant information needs to be made available to make the proper decisions.

But comprehensive does not mean creating a situation of information overload, for this would produce a situation of inefficiency. Elegant organization of critical information laid out in simplistic fashion is the true hallmark of a comprehensive engineering jobs web site. At last, any web based tool, namely an engineering jobs web site, must be pragmatic. The tool must be precise, elegantly simple, efficient, and custom designed to handle every need with speed and accuracy while reducing cost and labor. How might one conceive of the harmonious blending of these important attributes?

The concept of an engineer nexus provides what could be described as the most superior model for achieving the task ahead (providing engineers with engineering jobs, and businesses with skilled engineers) while embracing the core values of what makes our country great and including these values in the design of the engineer nexus. The strength of the United States is born from its capacity to come together in a time of need. The concept of an engineer nexus is born from the very same ingredients during this time of great need.

It has been said more than once that America can do what no other nation on earth can do when the call is heralded. The implications of losing our foundation of engineering expertise are profound. The nation cannot survive without the ongoing strength of its engineers. At this momentous period of our history, engineers need a place where they can come together, an engineer nexus, and meet the demands of building more engineering jobs and preserving the American way of life.