Tenga Soft Tube Cup Cool Edition

The Tenga soft tube cool edition Cup is an innovative disposable male masturbator; that combines cutting-edge technology with incredible internal design, to produce unparalleled sensations. The soft thermoplastic interior comes pre-lubricated and automatically applies lube as you insert. The cool edition cup shares similar features with the original Tenga soft tube cup, plus the cool and rejuvenative power of menthol to give you toe-curling sensations of a special kind. The unique cool edition cup features a cooling menthol-infused lubricant, with a soothing quality that transmits a cool sensation coursing through your member upon insertion. The soft tube cup in typical Tenga fashion gives you complete control; and lets you decide just the right amount of tightening sensation that you like. By merely keeping your grip around the soft tube tight or lax, you get to determine the level of pressure around your penis, the inside of the onahole features soft ridges and sensual nodules to tease your shaft with tender stimulations; ranging from rubbing, stroking, and massaging both at the base, around the middle and particularly at the tip Bondage Headgear. The soft tube cup cool edition is pre-lubricated for instant use straight out of the box, while the specially formulated menthol lubricant will introduce a whole new element of sensuality to your play, and heighten your pleasure to previously unknown heights of cool sweetness. There’s a rounded head at the end of the passage with 29 small nubs to stimulate the tip of the penis, this rounded end allows a smooth, easy entry and provides excellent adhesion as you pull out from the cup, this in turn produces a ‘squeeze out’ sensation as you withdraw your shaft. Note that this product is very delicate and should be handled with great care, although this toy is not designed to be reused but it is reusable if you remove the lubing sponge and rinse the toy and sponge properly, then dry and replace after each use, during cleaning be sure not to disassemble it.https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2351/2959/collections/boxer-games.jpg?v=1542787785