ten Issues You Need to have to be able to Know Whenever Acquiring The Reciprocating Atmosphere Air compressor

Are you thinking about purchasing a reciprocating air compressor for your workshop, garage or company? There are some things you ought to know just before buying one particular!

An air compressor is a huge investment decision, so consider your time to understand about air compressors and the various designs and possibilities.

Acquiring the mistaken air compressor will not only get you unhappy (in phrases of usefulness or electrical power or air output), but can also set you up for large upkeep payments in the long term.

Here are 10 factors to think about Prior to you go to the shop to get a reciprocating air compressor.

one. Compressor type

There are generally 3 types of reciprocating air compressors:

One stage compressors
Two stage compressors
Twin compressors

Single stage models compress the air in one particular stroke, from ambient to conclude force. They generally go up to twenty CFM (cubic foot for every minute) at a force of one hundred twenty five psi

For far more power, you will need a two phase compressor. A two phase compressor makes use of two stages to compress the air to the conclude stress. This means your compressor will have two cylinders/pistons.

The big cylinder is the low force stage, even though the modest cylinder is the large phase. In between the phases the air is cooled.

Two phase air compressors go up to about fifty CFM capacity at about a hundred seventy five psi.

Whether you need a single or two stage compressor in the long run relies upon on the sum of ability (cubic foot for each moment) you need to have.

two. Capability and stress

The potential (CFM) and the strain of the air compressor are the two most critical specs.

To uncover out the ability that you want, simply incorporate up the air use of all the air resources that you will use.

Modest resources like nailers use only a small air, whilst huge equipment like sanders and grinder use lots of compressed air!

To uncover out the pressure that you need to have, check out again the requirements of the air equipment that you plan to use. The optimum essential strain dictates the force that you need to have.

It is constantly intelligent to purchase a compressor that is capable to produce much more than you want. oil lubricated compressor for home garage will possibly add more tools in the potential, and nearly all compressed air techniques will have a leaking hose or coupling someplace!

three. Horse energy

You Will not need to know the horsepower of the air compressor.

The horsepower is a outcome of the necessary stress and capacity that you need to have, not the other way all around.

Do not look at horsepower. Look at capability (CFM) and force (psi).

4. Electrical connections

You would not be the initial satisfied new compressor owner that will come residence with an air compressor that he is not able to wire up!

Know the voltage that you have at house. Know the highest existing that your wiring can handle. Do you have one stage or 3 section energy?

Installing additional electrical wiring (or even possessing three stage electricity set up at your residence!) can be a lot more high-priced than the air compressor by itself!

5. Sounds

Do you strategy to set up the compressor within or outside?

A reciprocating compressor helps make a whole lot of sound. Usually check out the sound level of the compressor prior to getting one particular. If you are purchasing a compressor in a store, ask them to run it, so you can hear what is appears like.

To minimize the sound, you can make an enclosure about the compressor. Make sure you include enough ventilation holes (and a supporter if necessary). An air compressor creates a lot of heat, so adequate cooling is required!

six. Tank size

Most reciprocating compressors come with a forty – 80 gallon tank, which is fine.

A more substantial tank size is often far better. A larger tank means that there is a larger compressed air buffer.

A even bigger compressed air buffer is helpful when you use massive tools that use a lot more air than the capability of your compressor. Stress will drop a lot more slowly and gradually with a bigger air tank.

7. Compressed air filters

How thoroughly clean do you want your compressed air?

Compressed air is scorching, damp and dirty. Dependent on your software, you need to have to filter it and eliminate drinking water and oil.

If you use compressed air for paint-spraying, you do not want oil, h2o or dust in your compressed air, the air requirements to be very cleanse.

If you only use it for powering air tools, you never want h2o in your compressed air but you will not actually care about oil.

There are filters accessible to get rid of h2o (droplets), oil, and dust. For even dryer compressed air, you want to get a compressed air dryer.

eight. Other alternatives and extra’s

There is a record of alternatives you need to thing about. Do you genuinely require them, or are they optional?

Strain regulators – to regulate the tank strain back again to a steady, decrease pressure
Size and variety of air connections
Vertical or horizontal tank
Handbook or automatic drains

9. Excess weight

Most (on-line) shops will fall your new air compressor on your drive way. You will require to deliver it into your garage or wherever you want to place it by yourself.

Your new air compressor will almost certainly arrive on a wood pallet. You can choose to maintain it on the pallet, or take away the pallet.

Believe about how you will bring your 600 lbs air compressor to its area prior to you get it!

10. Obligation cycle

Previous, but undoubtedly not least!

The obligation cycle is the share of time your compressor can run.

Most one stage compressor have a duty cycle of only 50%. This implies that when you run your compressor for 5 minutes, it demands 5 minutes to great down.

Most twin stage compressors have a obligation cycle of one hundred%. They can operate 24 hrs for each day when required.

If a compressor has a one hundred% responsibility cycle, it is typically marketed. Beware when the obligation cycle is not described.. it is most likely only fifty%!


As you can see, there are plenty of things to think about when buying an new air compressor. The over listing will assist you make a great choice. If you cannot decide on between two designs, always pick the even bigger unit.